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“We wanted to find the best dog for our family and lifestyle...Ann helped us adopt and train Rasta, who is now my child’s best friend and a loving companion to our whole family”

— Kristin, Rasta's owner

“We had no clue what to do with our new rescue dog. Ann's article RescueSMART and her training library were incredibly helpful. We realized our new dog was fearful and we were making it worse. The information Ann provided and her visit to the house changed everything.”

— Andrew, Shasta's owner​

“Ann has a natural ability with dogs but what we loved most was how she tailored Tootsie's training to meet OUR needs. She took the time to understand our dog and our family. She even worked with our young children. It's obvious she knows her stuff and loves helping people. Thanks to Ann Tootsie became the dog we always wanted.”

— Emily, Tootsie's owner​

“We thought we were going to have to return our little dog to the rescue and we were devastated. She was scared to death and we didn't know how to help her. Ann's information about the 3/3/3 period made perfect sense. We were trying too hard. Once we gave her the time to settle in and let her be the one to initiate attention and affection, she came out of her shell. Now, you'd never know she was the same dog!.”

— Celine, Lilly's owner​

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