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Socialization & Training for Puppies 9-14 weeks of age

Avoid future behavior problems - fear, shyness, reactivity, aggression - that come from NOT properly & safely exposing your puppy to new people, places & things by the time puppy is 12 weeks old.

Read what the experts say

Did you know puppies that do NOT get proper exposure to new people, places and things BEFORE 12-14 weeks of age are at great risk of struggling with future emotional and behavior problems, such as fear, shyness, reactivity, aggression, and chronic anxiety?

But my puppy isn't fully vaccinated! Won't my puppy catch a disease?

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Today's veterinary community agrees that "the risk of disease when a puppy has just ONE parvovirus and distemper vaccine is minuscule, while the risk of behavior problems for dogs that miss out on exposure is substantial" (AVSAB position statement 2014).

What's different about PuppySMART?

  • Inspired by many years spent working with dogs that struggle with behavior problems, Certified Canine Behavior Consultant Ann King created PuppySMART as a behavior prevention program. 

  • PuppySMART takes advantage of the critical developmental period when a puppy’s brain is naturally wired to accept new things (8-14 weeks). Owners learn how to properly support the continued emotional development of their puppies after this period, too. 

  • PuppySMART's unique curriculum helps your puppy naturally learn to expect the unexpected. This results in a dog that can manage its emotions, which ultimately drives its behavior.

  • PuppySMART focuses on typical puppy “problems” like potty training, biting & mouthing, and barking, and teaches owners how to prevent bigger "red flag behavior" problems like resource guarding (possession aggression) and separation anxiety.

  • Owners learn age-appropriate physical and mental enrichment, and training activities that can be continued throughout their puppy’s life.

  • Owners learn hands-on exercises designed to prevent behaviors such as leash reactivity, stranger danger, possession guarding, body handling issues (vet and groomer problems), extreme fear, or chronic anxiety later in life

  • The SMART framework - Structure, Management, Activity, Red flags, Training - is a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of a dog’s life: physical, social, environmental, and bridging the communication gap between our two species.

  • In addition to the science-based and vet-approved curriculum, PuppySMART’s open enrollment format means 7 days after your puppy’s FIRST parvo/distemper vaccine, and a negative fecal test, you can start. No waiting! 

How does the program work?

PuppySMART is a 6-module course designed to take advantage of your puppy’s key developmental stages up to about 14 weeks of age. 

  • Your puppy’s age when you start determines how many modules you purchase. See Modules & Fees.

  • When viewing the class Calendar, disregard Module # - this is for instructors. The open-enrollment format allows you to start on any Module.

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Program Highlights

  • Binder with step-by-step instructions for socialization and training exercises for you to practice at home

  • Free Treat Bag for training

  • Puppy Play Groups & Dog Body Language

  • Exposure to equipment typically found at the vet or groomer

  • Problem solving (housebreaking, mouthing/biting, etc.)

  • Body handling

  • Prevention of Separation Anxiety & Possession Aggression

  • Safety for puppies & children

  • Introduction to basic obedience behaviors

  • Exposure to all kinds of weird & wacky textures, sights, sounds, smells that help puppy learn to expect the unexpected.

Ready to help your puppy become a great dog?

1. Review Policies

Important info about health & safety requirements, and general policies.

2. Review Modules & Fees

  • Your puppy's age when you start will determine the number of modules to purchase.

Class location

3. Check the calendar

  • Disregard Module # - this is for instructors.

  • The open-enrollment format allows you to start on any Module.

  • If the calendar says CLASS FULL, just pick the next available date (open enrollment means that the number of students enrolled each week will vary).

4. Register

  • Fill out the form and make your payment (you can still use PayPal with a debit or credit card even if you don't have a PayPal account).

  • You'll receive a confirmation email with instructions to provide proof of puppy's age, vaccines, and negative fecal test, waiver, and a link to the Orientation Video.

We look forward to meeting you and your puppy!

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