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Refund Policy

Please carefully consider your schedule before registering. Our class sizes are small to ensure quality, and by enrolling you are reserving a space in the course. However, if you attend your first class and decide this program isn’t for you, our policy is to issue a full refund less a 10% processing fee when requested before you leave your first class.


Vaccination Policy

Puppies must have:

  • 1 Parvovirus & Distemper vaccine 7 days prior to your first class

  • A negative fecal test (must include Giardia)

  • Puppies must continue to receive age-appropriate vaccines* as recommended by your veterinarian. (*Proof of rabies vaccine will be required when your puppy is old enough to receive it.)

  • Proof of age & vaccinations will be required upon registration


Skip Policy

Class schedule allows for one module to be skipped, if needed. Please contact so that arrangements can be made for you to attend a make-up session.

Child Policy

We welcome well-behaved children in class because they are an extremely important part of the socialization process for puppies! For their safety, and so you can focus on your puppy, young children will need a separate responsible adult to monitor them. 


Orientation Video - a Must-Watch

In lieu of an in-person session, it is a requirement that you view the PuppySMART Orientation video so you’ll know what to expect, what to bring, etc. so neither you nor your puppy are caught off guard. You’ll receive a link to this video once you register.


What to Wear

  • Please wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move and get down low with your puppy. Closed-toed shoes with backs are mandatory. 

  • Please do NOT wear clothes or shoes that you’ve just worn to a location where sick or unvaccinated dogs may have been (e.g. dog park, groomer, vet’s office)


Puppy Play Groups

The instructor reserves the right to decide if a particular puppy, or group of puppies might NOT benefit from free play, in which case that time will be spent doing other things. 

Please DO NOT bring a sick puppy or any dog that is not registered for the class. The health of all pups will be endangered.

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