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What to Bring to Class

Welcome to class. This information was also covered in more detail in the Orientation Video. Please ask an instructor if you have any questions.


  • Please be on time - show up 5 minutes early so you can get settled. Class will start promptly at start time.

  • Mat – portable, non-slip, like a comfy bathmat, but without deep pile like a carpet. You’ll want it to be smooth so puppy doesn’t get distracted sniffing for crumbs. Buy 2 so you can keep one in the car for socialization outings.

  • Chews – a couple things for puppy to chew on during settle periods. Some suggestions: stuffed Kong, Pork Chomp chew, Bully Stick. Plastic bones like Nylabone aren’t usually as valuable to puppies in a distracting environment like class, so be sure to bring yummy chews.

  • Water – puppies won’t be sharing, so bring a water bowl and water from home.

  • Treats – about 1 cup of pea-sized treats your puppy LOVES. Soft treats are usually the most appetizing. Lucy’s Food Roll or Happy Howie's food roll are among dog trainers' favorites. Freeze-dried treats retain a lot of smelliness, so they can be good as well. Dry crunchy treats typically aren’t high-value enough for distracting environments.

  • Treat bag – be prepared to start working with your puppy the moment you walk in the door. Wear your hands-free treat bag stuffed with treats.

  • Puppy's dry dog food - bring a sandwich bag of your puppy's regular food, too. Some puppies love their food enough to work for it, and there will be "snuffle" opportunities where you may want to use their food rather than the treats.

  • A hungry (but not starving) puppy – feed puppy a few hours before class.

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